Friday, March 16, 2012

Visual Explorer

 The penguins charging into the water as a whole reminds me of community because this act plays a crucial role in their survival. Doing this task as a group warns off predators in their environment it also shows respect for one another.

 This famous shot of Stonehenge reminds me of the value of authenticity because of the undisturbed simplistic form that the stones have remained. When I look at this photo I think of how long the patina has been forming on the large stones. I think about how the stones might have gotten their shape. I also think about the wonder had been constructed. This is an authentic space.

 This shot of an astronaut in space with the moon as the back drop is the value innovation. Early 1900s the Wright brothers take flight, several decades later their is a man on the moon this shows that there is a desire of exploration. Many of the worlds inventions are a by product of of the space exploration program. Tang, freeze dried food, space pen, among many more are all things that benefitted from the space program. INNOVATION IS DESIGN!

This picture of the freeway is sort of anti-stewardship as well as stewardship. It divinely cuts through the land allowing space for nature to grow. It also keeps the cars on a direct path keeping them from driving through nature. But too me it seems that it is a step in the wrong direction, I see a massive amount of fossil fuels being burned in creating this transportation road and used on it daily by the users. The natural areas are man made and not authentic, it supports a community, and it is an innovation. However stewardship is a value it does not possess 

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