Friday, April 29, 2011


As the semester comes to an end I can’t help but to revisit my design goals from earlier in the year.  Over the past few months I feel that I have accomplished all of my design goals.

Through JENGA 2.0 I learned to design with confidence and trust my design instincts. Also through the course I got to hear others opinions about my work through the open critiques and private charettes. I feel that I have begun to establish my design style through out the JENGA assignments. Also the JENGA assignments have shown me new more efficient ways too approach and accomplish a design. An overall lesson that was learned is: A POOL IS NOT A MEANS OF EAGRESS!
Overall Building
Working in groups wasn’t much of a challenge to me because even in groups I still had the chance to flex my design voice because I was in charge of the sketch up duties. However it was a bit difficult to persuade some of my own ideas to the majority of the group but that is a give and take part of the process. But I greatly enjoyed our groups every person in the groups meshed really well and we produced amazing work. 
Although I still strongly feel that groups of twelve are out of touch. Because its hard to delegate every member to get on the same page. In our group we made subgroups and I really think that helped us finish the task at hand efficiently. I understand why we work in the groups but honestly it was like we were not ready for that, however it was a great experience and I feel that everyone grew from it. Writing throughout the entire JENGA process was crucial in the completion of it. Although I feel that my writing lacks order and structure but I also feel that speaks to my design style. All over my desk you will find drawing with notes on them and I feel that speaks for its self. I really enjoyed the idea of having a prospectus because it helps everyone get a grasp of the concept that drives your design. Although I am a fan of showing tons of process work most groups don’t want to see that in the prospectus and it is hard to find a place for it. In our final presentation I suggested to hang up some process work that we had done which was very crucial in the development of our final design. I feel that our groups were very diverse in referring to the change style indicator that was completed earlier in the semester. We had a great work ethic amongst every member within the group. Going back to my designer bio, which we did as our first writing assignment, I feel that my characteristics and qualities have become heightened. I still feel that I can quickly establish a design, however now I think a design through more effectively. Over this semester I feel that I have greatly grown as a designer and in a way I am glad I was held back because now I can proudly say that I have grown from it.
Individual UNIT

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