Thursday, January 26, 2012

Selections, Directions, Connections

The skins assignment was a warning to prepare us for what is to come. To make sure that we are not going to half heartedly through materials on an exquisite design. We were given a few guidelines to choose our materials around, incorporating a material from our precedents or all materials from our precedents. My materials were neutral and unimaginative, but if I was tied to those materials maybe I could make it where the ceiling is composed of the hardwood flooring or the walls were a combination of the brushed aluminum and some other material. Thinking like this gives the designer the chance to make an ordinary palate extraordinary. The cone shape was a “happy” accident that was a result of my original idea, of the materials coming together to make a fan, falling through. So I experimented with the paper and the possible shapes it could make. The cone shape represents the hierarchy in which the materials could be applied. Both of the possible floor materials are at the lowest point of the cone meaning that they would most likely be applied to the floor of the space, where the brushed aluminum and concrete correspond with the wall covering section of the current design. Most of the materials in this preliminary palate are smooth and clean meaning that the carpet doesn’t really fit in with the other three. The concrete and aluminum create a commercial / industrial feel in the design and the hardwood flooring and the carpet seem more of a residential application (although in a commercial setting carpet is typically used).

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